Frequently Asked Questions

When do your packages come out?

A package for an upcoming is published six months in advance, e.g. a package for a race that is held in June will be out in December of the previous year.

What’s included in your packages?

Our packages will always state what is included and what is not but in general the following are always inclusive: race entry, accommodation with buffet breakfast, JRT running gear, JRT representative, travel insurance, training plan.

Can one register for a race and still sign up for your packages?

Yes, you may and the cost of the entry which you have already paid will be deducted from the cost of the package.

Do you have to run a marathon or there are other distances?

Some of the marathon races we go to have other distances like half marathon, 15km and 8km but others do not.

Do you have to be a runner to be part of Just Run Travelling Tours?

You do not have to be a runner to join our trips but our trip revolves around running. Eg. We have had spouses, partners and friends of runners coming to our trips even though they are non-runners.

Do you also do Visa for the runners?

For some destinations the visa is inclusive of the package and for some its not included. E.g. for Istanbul Marathon visa is included and for Amsterdam its not included.

Are flights included in the package?

At this stage our packages do not include flights but we do advise our clients on the best flight options.

Can one add an extra night or two on the package?

Yes, an extra night can be added at an extra cost but this is also dependent on availability and should be communicated on time.

Do you have a payment plan?

We do have a payment plan for those who sign up for trips and they are stipulated on the contract. The payment plan is 50% upon booking and another 50% two months before race day.

When should the payment be finalized?

All the monies should be paid 2 months before race day.

If you cannot travel anymore can you still cancel?

Cancelations are possible but cancelation fees do apply depending at what stage is the cancelation.

Do we have London, Berlin, Tokyo, Boston, Chicago and New York on your calendar?

At this stage we do not offer entries to the major marathons but in future we will.

13. Which races do you have for next year?

Our calendar for the next year is available on the second semester of the current year around September.

Can I still join the trips/tours if I am outside of South Africa?

Anyone residing outside of South Africa can still join and sign up for our trips from wherever they are in the world.